Boosting your sports betting payouts with accumulator bets

July 20, 2017

Are you wondering how to increase your betting payouts? Accumulator bets is a brilliant option. Accumulators, also known as parlay are a type of bets that helps a player to get more earnings from small investments. Rather than making multiple, single bets, an accumulator combines many bets into one. The main advantage of accumulator bets is that the more teams put in a bet, the higher the odds. It is important to note that in an accumulator when one game loses, the entire bet is lost. Meaning, you have to correctly calculate parlay odds before placing a bet. For example, in a 4-team accumulator, 3-1 results mean that the whole parlay is lost. Although accumulator betting carries risk, the wins offer huge payouts that will send you smiling all the way to the bank.

How to calculate parlay payouts

If there are three games today that you would like to bet on and you predict that the winning teams are Blue, Orange and Green, you can bet all three games in a parlay.

The games are:

Team Blue vs. Team Pink

Team Orange vs. Team Red

Team Green vs. Team White

The odds are:

Team Blue -110

Team Pink +105

Team Orange -110

Team Red +105

Team Green -110

Team White +105

If you placed them in an accumulator bet of £150 and won, the profit will be about £800! However, if you had bet them individually, the total gains would be about £130.

Although the payout is alluring, there are facts to consider before adopting accumulator betting in your games; the payout is huge because it is more challenging to win three games in a row and it is true odds that are used.

In our example, we used 110 as odds, which translates to 1.91. When we combine all odds together, we get a total of 6.97, which is responsible for the huge payout.

There are two ways to calculate parlay odds

Point spread parlay bets have standard odds and are very close on online betting platforms. The odds for point spread may differ from one betting site to the other, for the sake of competition.

Money line is a more risky type of accumulator betting, with the odds for the bets being relative to the odds of every pick within the parlay combination.

Referring to our first example, 1.91 is point spread while -110 or +110 are money line style odds.

You can include as many bets as you like in a parlay, as long as it is within the limits of your sports betting site. If you like, your slip can have two or more ‘teamers.’ For instance, having six bets in a slip is also referred to as a six-teamer.

How does Accumulator betting increase your earnings?

Parlay bets help sports bettors to make huge winnings, from small bets. If you are correct in your bettings and win all games in your combination, then you take home a big pay out.

Even if you have a limited bankroll, you can be able to bet on multiple games in a Parlay and still make a significant winning.

Using parlay, sports bettors can still bet on multiple games in case they do not have enough money to place single bets on individual games.

Tips on accumulator betting

For you to improve your parlay betting, implement the tips below.

Raise your bets and bet on fewer teams

Instead of betting a small amount on many teams, place a bigger amount on fewer teams. For example, of you have £20 and you have to chose between a 5-team or 3-team accumulator, the later would be best. The fewer the teams, the more the chances of winning. If you would like to bet on more teams, divide your parlays into multiple, smaller bets.

Find out the parlay rules on your sportsbook

Before placing an accumulator bet, ensure that you know and understand all the rules and conditions on your sportsbook, especially on draws. While some sites automatically remove the game from the parlay, others count it as a loss which means you earn nothing.

Accumulator bets are great because you can win big money from making small investments. You can increase your chances of winning parlays by analysing your teams and games, calculating your stakes proportionally to your bankroll, not following public opinion and only betting on sure games.