Betting Beginner to Betting Star

Today, there are countless ways on how to make money even from the comfort of your home. There is one way which is gaining a lot of popularity today and this is none other than online sports betting. This is a form of gambling that involves placing a bet, also known as a wager, on the outcome of sporting events. Sports betting is undeniably a very risky way of making money, especially for a beginner who hasn’t fully understood the secrets of winning. Unfortunately, there is no sure way or magic to guarantee you a win in sports betting, but you can learn some few betting tips to increase your chances of winning and eventually become a pro. Below are 12 sports betting tips for newbies who want to become betting stars.

1. Losing Is Inevitable

Before placing your wager, you should know that there are only two outcomes in sports betting: a win or a lose. Losing can happen to any punter, even the gurus. You will have to deal with this inevitable outcome if you want to become a betting star. For instance, in soccer betting, it doesn’t matter how well you have analyzed the game, or how pro you are in outcome prediction. You will face losses in some days. The best way to deal with this bad outcome is to continue trying without emotions and be smart in making the right decision.

2. Don’t Chase Losses

Another important advice you must heed in sports betting is to avoid placing more bets or increasing the bet amount when you lose with a false hope that this will make up for your losses. To tell you the truth, this will not help and will actually bring more disappointments. As said, above, losing streaks are inevitable even to the most successful gamblers and increasing your bets won’t help. Sometimes, you may be unfortunate enough to experience several continuous losses. In this case, you should consider stopping the betting first to rest your mind and realize your mistakes. Use this time to find other strategies and techniques that you can apply to increase your chances of winning.

3. Do your Analysis Well

Before placing your wager, make sure that you’ve done your research well. However, this doesn’t mean that doing a lot of analysis will guarantee you a win but will increase your winning chances. Make sure that you are well updated with recent news about your playing teams. For instance, if it’s a soccer game, you should research to know about new players, player injuries, the main playing team and substitutes, defenders, strikers, and other related information which can affect the outcome. By doing this research, it will really pay you.

4. Set a budget and Stay with it

Sporting requires discipline which you will only teach yourself. Set a budget before betting and make sure that you stick to it. You can do this by depositing the exact money in your bookie that you are going to use. You may set the amount for a day, week or month but most importantly, ensure that you don’t exceed the target amount.

5. Don’t Bet While Under the Influence of Alcohol

You can say that sports betting and driving are brothers or sisters but most importantly, keep in mind that alcohol and betting are enemies. Betting while drunk is extremely dangerous as your mind is not sober to make the right decisions. It’s not only alcohol but also drugs such as cocaine or heroin. These substances impair your judgment, making you make the wrong bets.

6. Ignore Your Heart

This is another important betting advice for newbies. Don’t bet on a team because you believe in it. Because your favorite football team is playing, it doesn’t mean that it will win. Ignore your heart and use your mind. Analyze the game well and consider every team as a potential winner.

7. Join Several Bookmakers and Compare Their Odds

Remember that you are betting to make money. Your deposited money should not be wasted but used to make more money. In the market, you will find several bookmakers with different odds for the same sport or game. Increase your profits by going for the bookmaker with the biggest odds.

8. Don’t Use Bookmakers as Bank Accounts

Don’t put all your money in a bookmaker. This is not a bank account! In fact, the more the money contained in your account, the more tempted you will be to place more bets. Remember that you are on a set budget and you stay to it. Well, having a small of amount of money in your account is useful as it can help you during hard days when you’re broke. If you win, make your withdrawal immediately.

9. Timing

In sports betting, odds fluctuate with time. Deciding on when to bet is as important as deciding how much to wager. Some factors like injuries, game formation and action of other gamblers may affect the odds. Your favorite team’s odd may change before you place your bet, hence time is a crucial factor in betting.

10. Start with Small Bets

Remember that you are a beginner and still far away from becoming a professional punter. As a beginner, understand your limits and begin by placing a small bet on your familiar games. As you continue gaining experience, you may increase the bets.

11. Make Use of the Customer Service

Most legitimate bookmakers have a customer service to answer any questions raised by their customers. You should make use of this service to get your query answered by the right people. Don’t shy away from asking your questions however stupid they may look. As a newbie, choose a bookmaker with a simple website and easy to contact customer service.

12. Discover New Strategies and Keep Record

In the world of sports betting, there’s no specific strategy or technique that works always. There are several of them and they change with time. Have a habit of trying out new techniques when your current ones aren’t working. Don’t give up. Keep a record of your strategies on each bet you place and practice it often if it’s viable. Most importantly, be patient with your technique.
Hopefully, this sports betting guide will help you to become a betting star. Don’t disregard any of the tips.